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Neck Lift

This approach will address wrinkles around the jowls and neck area by pulling the skin and platysma, a technique similar to the face lift operation. The surgeon will cut open the skin from the earlobe to the backside hairline and the skin under the chin, and then fasten the skin and platysma. Patients with excess submental fat may be advised to remove the fat during the operation.

Preparing for a Neck Lift involves the same steps as preparing for Face Lift operation. If required, the patient may consider simultaneously undergoing both Face Lift and Neck Lift at the same time.

Recommended for:

  • Individuals with wrinkles, folds and drooping of neck skin.


Operation details:

After applying general anesthesia, the surgeon will apply local anaesthesia and tumescent fluid into the neck skin, and cut open the skin from the earlobe towards the backside hairline. The next step is to separate the skin layer from the Platysma, cut and fasten the internal tissue layer, remove excess skin to get the desired neck shape. Then stop the bleeding, insert drain tube, and close the wound.


Post-operational treatments:

  1. Apply some cold packs to the area during the first 3 days.

  2. Clean the area daily, avoid contact with water.

  3. Drain to be left in place for 1 day after the operation.

  4. Wear a face mask for 2 months.

  5. Remove the suture on Day 7. Patient can wash his/her face and apply makeup.

  6. Avoid exposure to sunlight for 3 months.

  7. The swelling will be less noticeable after 6 months.

  8. The scar may be visible during the first 3 months, after which will be less noticeable within 1 year.

  9. Neck numbness will be improved within 1 year.


Possible side-effects:

  • Postoperative bleeding, which will require a re-operation to stop the bleeding and removal of blood clot.

  • In some cases there may be hypertrophic scar, which can be addressed by injecting steroids around the scar area.

  • Possible lymphatic accumulation post-surgery. Excess accumulation can be removed through aspiration.

  • If overly done, the result will be unnatural.

  • For patients who have undergone previous neck lift, facial threading , and/or fillers injections, the neck lift result may be less than optimum due to the internal scar. The operation must be carefully handled so as to not interfere with the facial nerve, which may distort the face.


How long will the change last?

The change will last about 5-10 years, depending on the individuals’ lifestyles and skin types.

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