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Epicanthal fold can lead to eyes appearing short and unnatural, inner canthus pointing downward, and having wider intercanthal distance, all of which can cause impaired vision. Patients can undergo an Epicanthoplasty operation to address all these issues, and can have it done at the same time as Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty.


One potential side-effect includes the possibility of a scar around the inner canthus (which is more sensitive relative to the other areas), as well as hypertrophic scar in some cases.

Recommended for:

  • Individuals with epicanthal fold 


Operation details:

After tracing the marks and applying anesthesia, the surgeon will cut open the inner canthus skin in a way to not damage the Lacrimal punctum. The surgeon will relocate the inner canthus and then stitch to close the cut.


Post-operational treatments:

  1. Apply cold pack to the area during the first 3 days.

  2. Clean the area daily, avoid contact with water until suture removal date.

  3. Remove the suture on Day 7. Patient can wash his/her face and apply makeup.

  4. Avoid sunlight exposure during the first 3 months.

  5. The swelling will be less noticeable after 3-6 months.

  6. Minor scar may be visible during the first 3 months, and will be less noticeable within 1 year.


How long will the change last?

Minor scars may be visible after the surgery. The patient must closely follow the surgeon’s instructions throughout the recovery period.

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